Need Some Cash? Cash Plus Asks that Question of its Potential Franchisees…and Charities!

by P. Kelly Smith (reprinted from Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2001)

When Julie and Craig Wells bought Cash Plus, Inc., their goal was to make it more than just a financial services franchise. The pair had humanitarian ideals in mind, partnering with Save the Children, which sponsors underprivileged children around the world.

“Our goal is to sponsor ten children out of each of our stores,” says Craig, CEO and president. Some Cash Plus stores also offer discounts for bringing in canned foods, which are distributed to local food banks and rescue missions.

How did it all start? When Julie and Craig acquired Cash Plus in 1996, they had been looking at a variety of franchise opportunities. Craig had been in commercial real estate for thirteen years, and Julie had a background in marketing and PR. When the previous owners approached them about becoming franchisors of Cash Plus, they saw an opportunity. They were right: The franchise opened fourteen stores in 1996 alone.

Today, the company’s services include check cashing, payday advances, international wire transfers and money orders. With more than seventy locations in nine states, Cash Plus earned sales of $18 million for 2000. And the franchise is still growing, opening thirty locations in the past eighteen months and on the lookout for middle-management types and current franchisees to become unit owners and charitable entrepreneurs.

“We’re trying to do good within our community and be outstanding corporate citizens,” says Julie, COO. Sounds like they’re right on the money.

About Cash Plus

The Cash Plus retail network currently has nearly 30 stores operating in seven states. Cash Plus stores offer check cashing, payday advances, international wire transfers, money orders, prepaid debit cards and other convenience services. The company revolutionized the industry with its customer-friendly store design and “Kings & Queens” customer service. Stores are independently owned and operated by franchisees who take part in their local communities through such initiatives as the Cashaway Sweepstakes and BravoKids, programs designed to give back to customers and benefit needy children. Franchise options include single unit, multi-unit area development and the Cash Plus Express™ format.

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