Success Machine

Why do we call the Cash Plus business system our Success Machine?

Simple. Because it’s been systematically developed to make our franchisees successful. Here are some important components of this well-oiled machine.

Cash Plus TV

Our Brand and Your Customers

Very few franchise companies talk much about customers and how they get them through your doors. And yet customers are the lifeblood of every business. If you come to one of our Discovery Days, you’ll find that we talk a lot about this hot topic. But it’s not just talk: we’ve invested millions of dollars in tools and systems for attracting and keeping customers. It starts with our brand. The Cash Plus brand is not just our logo, our mascot or the look of our stores. It’s everything that affects how people think about us, including the Kings & Queens™ customer service we deliver. In today’s hectic world, trusted brands make life simpler and easier for all of us. So building and maintaining a brand our customers recognize and trust is a part of everything we do at Cash Plus. Here are some unique ways we use our brand to capture and retain customers.

Proprietary Cashaway™ Sweepstakes

We attract new customers and reward existing customers with our exclusive, proprietary CASHAWAY SWEEPSTAKES. Giving customers a chance to win $25,000 in cash is a powerful way to build the Cash Plus brand. And it doesn’t hurt to reap some public relations stories from the charitable donations we make as part of the program…and build a strong image in our communities. You’d be smiling too if you were presenting one of those big checks to one of your customers.

Our Marketing Mascots

Our growing family of PROPRIETARY CHARACTERS is another way we demonstrate that Cash Plus is a one-of-a-kind company, a company with a personality and a sense of fun. That makes this crew an important part of our brand strategy. Because their memorable faces stick in customers’ minds, these characters play roles in virtually all of our marketing programs and tools. And in our lobbies, too.

Smile-makers in action…

As long as we’re talking about our family of Cash Plus Guy characters, we should mention our Walkaround Guy. He’s definitely a head-turner, but more than that, he’s a smile-maker. too. Staffmembers who have spent time in this walkaround costume inevitably remark at the smiles and good feelings they evoke. Smile-making is good business.

Vast Marketing Library

In addition to our annual calendar of Core Sales Generators, we have created a huge variety of other marketing tools and programs you can use to grow your business at any time of the year. All created by top pros, too. TV and radio commercials, newspaper ads, direct distribution and referral tools, and more — they’re all there, all ready to run, easy to use, and instantly available on our proprietary website for franchisees. Oh, and you can also find them all in our handy Roadmap for Success Manual.

Guerrilla Marketing, too!

Everybody talks about how great — and cost effective — referrals are for getting customers. But talk is cheap. We’ve taken action by systematizing and simplifying the process of building a powerful referral network. Our unique and exclusive video-based guerrilla marketing training program shows you step-by-step how to go about getting a ton of business for little to no investment. Plus, we’ve gone the extra mile to develop the special branded tools you need to be successful.

Training and Support that Never Ends

Of course, there’s more to growing a business than acquiring and keeping customers. There’s also the nuts-and-bolts of opening and operating your business. Our franchise program has got all that covered, too. Because we want you to be successful, we realize that training doesn’t stop when your new store is open. Here are some examples of how Cash Plus pushes the training and support envelope.

Kings & Queens Customer Service

A lot of companies talk about customer service, but very few actually deliver. Our Front-Line Marketing series of easy-to-use video-based training materials shows you and your employees how to deliver what we call Kings & Queens Customer Service. Our step-by-step techniques and tricks make it simple to deliver customer service that keeps customers coming back and referring their friends, families and co-workers.

Pump Up the Profits & Tipster’s Tipsheets

Ever wonder what makes the top performers in a business so successful? It’s not magic and it’s not luck: it pretty much comes down to doing the right things at the right times. This powerful video-based learning toolkit reveals industry top performers’ secrets for the business management side of running a profitable Cash Plus business. We created this exclusive program because we want everybody in our system to be a top performer. And because we know your time is valuable, we’ve created a series of Tipster’s Tipsheets that capsulize nuggets of hard-earned wisdom in key business areas.

Conventions, Conferences and Regional Meetings

Franchisees from all around the country attended our national Success Conference to learn the secrets of delivering top notch customer service and much more. In other years we take our training and support on the road in a series of regional meetings. Creating opportunities to get together to learn from each other is another example of training and support that never ends. And our gatherings are fun, too.

Effective Ongoing Communication

Of course, what you’ve read about so far is just a part of what we do to help you be successful. We strongly believe that staying in touch is critical to your success and ours, which is why we make field support store visits and have developed a range of powerful communication tools. Our monthly CHECK THIS newsletter, for example, is chock full of news from the Cash Plus network, success tips and more. Then there’s our FRANCHISEE ZONE, a vast private online library of tools and resources we’ve created to help you reach your success goals.

The main point we hope you’ll take away from reading about our Success Machine is that Cash Plus is truly committed to your success. But it’s not just us…your fellow franchisees are also ready to help. Our Franchisee Advisory Council, for example. CLICK HERE to meet them.