Meet Our Mascot

What does the Cash Plus Official Mascot actually do? Read on…

CPGuy_Crayons1a1One of the fun jobs of being our mascot is getting colorized. Less fun is having one’s various hats filched by the rude Nameless Bird and other critters that show up in our free coloring sheets for kids. Cash Plus stores give them out at various times of the year, but click here to download a free sampler.

tvad_guypied When the creative folks came up with a new series of Cash Plus TV commercials called The Wall, our new mascot wanted to be one of the actors. So the Boss insisted he be written into the scripts, all six of them. Believe it or not, our official mascot had never tasted cream pie before that day in the studio.

cpguy_fishingboat1flAn unknown photographer took this shot of the Cash Plus mascot on a fishing excursion in Newport Harbor. As luck would have it, he hooked a big one and very nearly went for a swim. This incident became the inspiration for his first acting role: the leading man in an animated TV commercial for Cashaway Sweepstakes 2.

cpguy_balloons1flOur mascot’s high-flying young nephew got hooked into the mascotting business as a poster boy for another of our Cashaway Sweepstakes giveaways that customers love. Speaking of kids, our mascot and his family have also posed for some wacky and popular coloring sheets that Cash Plus stores give out to young folks.

mascot_pg_swp13guysceneAlthough he’s a versatile, hardworking guy, our mascot enjoys his time off like everybody else. A while back he won a vacation trip to Hawaii, where a thoughtful group of surfers taught him how to make the “chaka” or “hang loose” sign. Alas, they couldn’t help him with his tan.