What is Cash Plus?

What is Cash Plus?
Cash Plus is more than just another check cashing or payday advance store.

Cash Plus is an idea

Customers at Cash Plus

  • It is a way to treat customers like they never would have expected, but have always wanted.
  • It is listening to the worries and cares of the person in front of you no matter who they are.
  • It is making your customer the most important person at that moment.
  • It is giving them the attention and care that they need.
  • It is lending a helping hand when no one else will help.
  • It is knowing that our customers deserve respect, kindness, and a smile.
  • It is our customers knowing that when they walk in the door they will be greeted with the Kings & Queens service that they have come to expect.

This Cash Plus idea works because we front line ambassadors, managers and owners have set a higher standard for customer service everywhere.

We are the tools that make the idea of Cash Plus a reality! We provide the award winning smiles and kindness that bring our customers back over and over again. Our hard work and dedication pays off every time a customer walks away happy.

Cash Plus is the idea that more is always better when it comes to respect, dignity, smiles and service.

About Cash Plus

The Cash Plus retail network currently has nearly 30 stores operating in seven states. Cash Plus stores offer check cashing, payday advances, international wire transfers, money orders, prepaid debit cards and other convenience services. The company revolutionized the industry with its customer-friendly store design and “Kings & Queens” customer service. Stores are independently owned and operated by franchisees who take part in their local communities through such initiatives as the Cashaway Sweepstakes and BravoKids, programs designed to give back to customers and benefit needy children. Franchise options include single unit, multi-unit area development and the Cash Plus Express™ format.

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