Not All Thieves Are Stupid Part 1

Not All Thieves Are Stupid
The following true stories illustrate some creative ways thieves have recently victimized people.

A couple’s car was broken into at the San Jose airport long-term parking lot. Using information from the registration and a portable garage door opener, the thieves went to the couple’s home in Pebble Beach and robbed it.

During a football game a car was broken into in a nearby parking lot. Thieves nabbed the garage door opener remote control, the GPS (with the home address preprogrammed) and a little money. But when the couple returned home, their house had been ransacked and all valuables stolen. Knowing the owners were at the football game, the thieves had plenty of time to work.

TIP: instead of entering your home address in the GPS device, list another nearby address, say a local business.

A lady’s purse was stolen with her cell phone in it. Twenty minutes later she called her husband from a pay phone to let him know what happened. He said, “I received your text asking for our PIN number and replied a short while ago.” By the time they reached the bank, their account had been cleared out. The thief texted “hubby” in her phone to get the PIN number.

TIPS: don’t disclose a relationship in your cell phone address list, make sure that any sensitive information is transmitted after phone confirmation, and if you set up a meeting with family or friend, confirm by phone that the message actually came from them.

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