Cash Plus TV: Unique In-store Video Program With “Smile-Maker Technology” Launches To Immediate Customer Raves

Cash Plus, Inc. today announced the launch of its new Cash Plus TV™ in-store video program. Dubbed “smile-maker technology” because of its unique, custom-developed programming, the system has been a big hit with customers in the two Anaheim, CA Cash Plus retail locations where it was initially tested.

“It was pretty mind-boggling to observe customer reactions on the first day,” said Craig Wells, President and CEO of Tustin-based Cash Plus, Inc., the parent franchise company. “Their smiles and chuckles — plus the occasional full-on belly-laugh — told me we had a big customer-service hit on our hands. I couldn’t help grinning just watching them.”

While other retailers have installed television in their facilities, what makes Cash Plus TV truly unique is its proprietary programming. The specially developed DVDs feature a dizzying array of entertaining video segments presented on high quality big screen TV monitors. Said Wells, “We focused on presenting a wide variety of eye-catching, humorous material that most people have never seen before, and this bold, wacky approach is obviously a big part of the appeal. We even made the brief segments about our ‘giving back to the community’ initiatives and our products and services light-hearted and entertaining.”

Customer comments have been universally supportive, ranging from “Nowthat’s entertainment!” to “You gave me another reason to come here; the videos kept the kids busy so I could fill out my paperwork.” Another frequent theme has been that customers wished they could stay around just so they could watch more of it.

With the resounding success of the two pilot installations, Cash Plus TV is now rolling out to Cash Plus lobbies across the nation. “While it may appear on the surface that our business is basically about cashing checks and making small short-term loans, the truth is that it’s really all about delivering a great customer experience. It’s incredibly important, which is why we developed our Kings & Queens™ system for delivering superior customer service some years back. Now Cash Plus TV is going to raise the bar again by adding a whole new dimension to superior customer experience,” said Wells.

About Cash Plus

The Cash Plus retail network currently has nearly 30 stores operating in seven states. Cash Plus stores offer check cashing, payday advances, international wire transfers, money orders, prepaid debit cards and other convenience services. The company revolutionized the industry with its customer-friendly store design and “Kings & Queens” customer service. Stores are independently owned and operated by franchisees who take part in their local communities through such initiatives as the Cashaway Sweepstakes and BravoKids, programs designed to give back to customers and benefit needy children. Franchise options include single unit, multi-unit area development and the Cash Plus Express™ format.

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