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Services Offered at This Store

 Short-Term / Installment Loans

For fast cash near me, we’re the convenient location. Our short-term, installment advance loans are a quick and easy way to walk out with cash. How quick? As little as 15 minutes. Bad credit? Not a problem: no credit check is needed. Simply come into our Toledo store with proof of income, a blank personal check, your ID and Social Security card, plus your latest bank statement. Fifteen minutes later you’ll walk out with your cash. That fast -- and that easy. Call ahead if you want to speed things up. Don’t wait. Get the money you need today, and you’ll have 91-days to pay it back.

Check Cashing

Let’s make it simple: our store is the best place in Toledo to cash a check. Period. We’re fast, friendly and can cash almost any kind of check, including payroll checks, government checks, insurance checks, tax refunds, cashier's checks, rebate checks, benefits checks, third-party checks, personal checks, money orders and more. Even checks banks and other check cashers can’t cash. And did we mention our low, low rates? So stop by and get that check turned into cash. You’ll leave with a smile, too.

Western Union Wire Transfers

When you need to send money anywhere (almost), the place to do it is our Toledo store. In just 10 minutes you can send a secure Western Union money transfer that will be available almost instantaneously. And, you can use our Western Union service to pay bills and load prepaid debit cards. Now THAT’S convenient! Come visit us now.

Cash Plus Prepaid Debit MasterCards®

Are some debit cards better than others? Absolutely! And we think our exclusive Cash Plus Prepaid Debit MasterCard® is the very best. You can use it almost anywhere to make purchases over the Internet, by phone or in stores. You can also withdraw cash from any ATM with it and even SAVE with it. And, loading your Cash Plus Card is a snap at our store or any other Netspend retailer. Get yours today!

Western Union Money Orders

Why do so many people love money orders? Using our Western Union money orders for paying pay bills and rent, etc. because it’s convenient and safe are sure good reasons to love them. And bringing your cash to our Toledo store and picking up your money orders is easy enough to love. One more thing to love about money orders: ours are FREE to members…and membership is FREE, too. What’s not to love?

Bill Payment Service

We’ve got a way to make your bill paying faster and safer! Our Toledo store can electronically transmit your payment information to most companies. No need to write out checks or money orders any more. And because most payments post within 2 to 3 business days our electronic bill payments are faster and more secure than mailing your payments. The fees are reasonable, too.

Cash Plus Toledo, OH 43623


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